A press conference dedicated to the launch of the XIV Tashkent International Film Festival "Pearl of the Silk Road" was held in Tashkent

    Culture & Arts 8 September 2022 1145

    Today, on September 8, the Cinematography Agency held a press conference dedicated to the upcoming XIV Tashkent International Film Festival "Pearl of the Silk Road".

    The event in Tashkent starts on September 13 with the "Days of Cinema of the SCO countries", the grand opening will take place the next day. The closure is scheduled for September 18.

    According to the press service of the festival, about 500 film production figures, actors and actresses, directors and cinematographers, producers and film critics, film scholars, media representatives from 40 countries of the world will be guests of the festival of cinematographic art. Within the framework of the forum, 150 feature films, documentaries and short films from world producers will be shown. Most of them are winners of other international film festivals and competitions, which confirms the format of the film festival "Festival of Festivals".

    In addition, the organizers promise to hold more than 20 large-scale events on the days of the film festival related to film production, education, film screenings, and the filming process of films.

    It is announced that the stars of the film festival will be Takeshi Kitano, Armand Assante, Burak Ozchevit, Sergey Bezrukov, Johnny Depp, Timur Bekmambetov and many others. Creative meetings with cult directors, actors and other outstanding cinematographers of our time will be held within the framework of the event.

    In addition, joint film projects of Uzbekistan and foreign countries will be presented at the Tashkent International Film Festival. These are the tapes "Kazbek" (Belarus), "Navoi and Jami", "Invisible Star" (Tajikistan), "Gladiator" (Russia), "Echelons go East", "Korkyt Ata" (Kazakhstan). Uzbekistan and Turkey will also sign a number of memoranda on the creation of documentaries "Ali Kushchi" and "Al-Bukhari" dedicated to the life and contribution to science of the greatest scientists of Uzbekistan. Together with "TRT Avaz", it is planned to shoot a documentary film "Ziyorat oltin yil", which will tell about great theologians, theologians, representatives of enlightened Islam.

    At the same time, it is planned to sign a memorandum with the Ministry of Culture of Turkey during the film festival on the filming of the documentary "Cultural Road from East to West of Uzbekistan" ("Doğudan Batiya Kültür Yolu Özbekistan") about the cultural and historical ties of the two countries, the news agency "Dunyo" reports.

    Films that have already been released on big screens will be presented. This is a high-profile premiere this fall called "Baron-2. The Return" and the films "Peri's Gift", "The Sun tastes", shot together with Russia.