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    In Uzbekistan, the procedure for reimbursement of contractual payments to women studying in the master's program of the university has been defined

    Education 17 August 2022 446

    The Government Decree adopted a regulation on the procedure for reimbursing the amount of tuition on a fee-and-contract basis from the State budget to women entering and receiving education on a fee-and-contract basis in the magistracy of a state university (No. 447 of 08/15/2022).

    According to the Regulation, the amount of tuition on a fee-and-contract basis for all women studying at state universities, including the Academy of Public Administration under the President, the Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office, the Higher School of Business and Entrepreneurship under the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, as well as the Banking and Finance Academy at the Master's level, will be reimbursed without conditions of return.

    To do this, female students (applicants) who have entered the master's program of a state university on a fee-contract basis and are studying on a fee-contract basis, starting from the 2022/2023 academic year, must submit an application by September 15 addressed to the rector (branch director) of the university in which they are studying, in order to reimburse the full amount of tuition on a fee-contract basis. based on the academic year (with the exception of differentiated fee-contract payments).

    Applications submitted after this period are not subject to consideration.

    Applications are considered within three working days, lists are formed.

    In 2022, a generalized list of applicants is sent to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education within five working days (from 2023 - to the relevant ministries and departments in accordance with the departmental affiliation of the university) to reimburse the amount of contracts.

    Until October 15 of the current academic year, an order is issued by the rector (branch director) of the relevant university to reimburse the applicants for the amount of the payment contract, the press service of the Ministry of Justice reports.