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    Uzhydromet denied information about 3% of the green cover in Tashkent

    Environment 9 June 2022 929

    On June 7, at a press conference at the IMC, Deputy Director General of the Center of the Hydro Meteorological Service of Uzbekistan Ibrat Karimov said that only 3% of the city of Tashkent is covered with green spaces, namely lawns, at a rate of 12%. However, on June 8, Uzhydromet refuted this statement, reporting a technical error in the report.

    Recall, according to the speakers, the total area of Tashkent is 35,630 hectares, of which the green zone is 757 hectares, the area of green spaces (lawns) is 225 hectares (2.7%).

    So, according to new data, the level of greening of the city currently stands at 26.8%.

    According to Uzhydromet, a technical error was made by the specialists of the center during the preparation of the report.

    In August last year, the mayor of Tashkent, Jahongir Artykhodjaev, also announced almost identical indicators. Thus, the area of the green cover of the capital, according to information for the summer of 2021, was about 26.84%. The mayor said that at that time there were 36 square meters per inhabitant of the capital. m of green spaces.