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    Heat up to 37 degrees Celsius is expected in Uzbekistan at the weekend

    In focus 26 May 2023 1568

    Today and over the weekend, low-cloud and dry weather will remain in most of the territory of Uzbekistan. Only in some mountainous areas of the Tashkent region and the regions of the Fergana Valley, short-term rain is possible today and tomorrow.

    According to the data of the Uzhydromet service, in the north and the desert zone of the republic, a slight increase in wind up to 13-18 m/ s is possible in places, with a dusty snowdrift.

    The air temperature this afternoon will be in the range of 28-33 °C, in the north and the desert zone up to 35 ° C, in the south up to 37 °C. Over the weekend, the air temperature will slowly rise and will be 32-35oC, in the north and the desert zone 35-37oC. This temperature background is close to normal values for the end of May.

    It is cloudless in the capital on May 26-28. The wind is easterly from weak to moderate. The temperature at night is 16-18 ° C, during the day 30-33 ° C.