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    In all regions of Uzbekistan, the population is susceptible to diseases associated with iodine deficiency

    Healthcare 6 July 2022 443

    This was announced at a briefing in the IMC by Deputy Head of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare and Public Health Service Nurmat Otabekov.

    Iodine deficiency diseases are a pathological condition that is a process associated with thyroid dysfunction and insufficient iodine intake.

    Despite the long-term struggle with iodine deficiency, the problem of iodine deficiency has not yet been completely solved in many countries of the world, including Uzbekistan.

    Currently, there is no region in Uzbekistan where the population would not be at risk of diseases associated with iodine deficiency, since iodine deficiency in the diet of the population is observed in all the studied regions of the republic.