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    Young people actively participate in constitutional reforms

    In focus 9 June 2022 991

    In order to ensure the implementation of the proposals made at the round table on the topic "Youth is unanimous on constitutional reforms", a videoconference was organized on the initiative of the Deputy chairman of the Youth Parliament at the Senate, Sevara Mahmudova, under the slogan "Youth of Uzbekistan supports constitutional reforms".

    It was attended by representatives of youth and collectives operating in 217 children's schools "Barkamol avlod".

    During the videoconference, young people were encouraged to actively participate in the implementation of constitutional reforms.

    In turn, the Deputy Chairman of the Youth Parliament also gave her proposals on the Constitution. In particular, S. Makhmudova made proposals to amend articles 37-41-63-65 of our Basic Law.

    Now propaganda work on constitutional reforms will be carried out in other regions of the republic under this slogan, the information service of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan reports.