Abu Rayhan Beruni exhibition opens in Paris

    Culture & Arts 6 September 2023 1293

    On September 4, the exhibition "Abu Rayhan Beruni. Geographical and intellectual travel". The project is timed to the 1050th anniversary of the birth of the great scientist and thinker.

    The opening ceremony was attended by UNESCO Director General Audre Azule and Assistant to the President of Uzbekistan Saida Mirziyoyeva.

    Thanks to the visual installations, visitors of the exhibition will be able to see and learn about the life, work, discoveries and research of Abu Rayhan Beruni. In the exposition, a special place is given to the manuscripts of the scientist stored in the collection of the National Library of France.

    "I think this project will arouse great interest among the European public and further enrich their knowledge about Uzbekistan, which is proud of the heritage of its great scientists. I am pleased to announce that Uzbekistan is ready to host the 43rd session of the UNESCO General Conference in Samarkand in 2025. If our proposal is approved, this historic event can change the more than 40-year tradition of holding UNESCO sessions only in Paris," said Assistant to the President of Uzbekistan Saida Mirziyoyeva.