It is forbidden to discredit parents and guardians in advertising

    Social medium 13 December 2022 741

    In order to protect minors from abuse of their trust and lack of experience in advertising, it is prohibited:

    - use of images of minors consuming or using goods prohibited for consumption by minors;

    - the use of showing minors in dangerous situations, including situations that encourage them to commit actions that pose a threat to their life and (or) health, including causing harm to their health;

    - encourage minors to purchase goods or encourage them to contact third parties with a request to purchase the advertised goods;

    - using real or toy weapons;

    - discrediting parents and caregivers, undermining the confidence of minors in them;

    - to advertise goods prohibited for purchase or consumption by minors on TV channels, TV and radio programs designed for minors, the Ministry of Justice reports.