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    New textbooks of the Russian language created jointly with Russian authors are presented in Tashkent

    Education 20 June 2022 2085

    New school textbooks on Russian as a foreign language for grades 2-11, created by a group of Uzbek and Russian authors, were presented in Tashkent.

    According to the Republican Center of Education under the Ministry of Public Education of Uzbekistan, the textbooks were developed within the framework of the project "Zo’r!" aimed at improving the quality of teaching Russian and education in it in schools of Uzbekistan with Uzbek and related languages of instruction, together with the Republican Center of Education and the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen.

    The books were created within the framework of the National Curriculum of Uzbekistan, taking into account modern educational standards, advanced teaching methods and an assessment system.

    The textbooks are aimed at developing four language skills - reading, listening, speaking and writing - and have audio applications. The manual for each class contains two project tasks and dictionaries. Special attention is paid to the visual component of the presentation of the material.