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    The traditional international judo tournament starts in Tashkent

    Sports 5 April 2022 619

    Today, on April 5, the Open Asian Judo Cup starts in Tashkent. For four days, the Universal sports complex will host participants of traditional competitions in memory of Uchkun Murodov.

    About 500 talented judoists will perform at this international tournament among juniors and youth, which will be held on April 5-8. Along with domestic athletes, representatives of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan will also take to the tatami.

    According to the NOC, on the opening day of the competition, the winners will be determined among boys in the weight categories: up to 50, up to 55 and up to 60 kg, and among girls: up to 40, up to 44, up to 48, up to 52, up to 57 kg. Daily qualifying matches start at 10:00, and the decisive matches - at 17:00.