Cultures and textile traditions of Romania and Uzbekistan meet in Tashkent

    Culture & Arts 21 June 2024 1485

    Today, on June 21, the gallery of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan will host the opening of an exhibition of national Romanian costumes combined with elements of modern fashion design inspired by traditional Uzbek clothing.

    The event is dedicated to the International Day of the Romanian Blouse, a garment included by UNESCO in the List of the Intangible Heritage of Mankind. The exhibition will be open to visitors from June 21 to 27 this year, according to the news agency "Dunyo".

    The event was organized by the Romanian Embassy in the Republic of Uzbekistan with the support of the Academy of Arts and Uzbek fashion designer Marhamat Umarova.

    The day of June 24 was established by Decree of the President of Romania as the day when the traditional Romanian blouse is celebrated, a valuable item of national folk costume, which for centuries was made in the homes of Romanian peasants from natural materials, at home. It is decorated with hand-sewn yarn ornaments dyed in natural colors. The ornaments, which vary depending on the region, have a rare beauty and have a meaning that is lost in the depths of centuries.

    Marhamat Umarova is a fashion designer, founder of the MARU brand. She is a holder of a Quality Certificate and a trainer in UNESCO projects. She represented Uzbekistan with the collection at the US State Department, Harvard, Berlin, London and other international fashion shows. Her participation in this project transforms the traditional exhibition of Romanian folk costumes in Tashkent into a meeting of cultures and textile traditions of Romania and Uzbekistan. This is a delicate blending of Uzbek textile traditions into a traditional Romanian costume.