Gas filling stations have started to open in Uzbekistan

    Energy 22 February 2024 2334

    On February 22, the press service of the Ministry of Energy announced plans for the phased resumption of gas filling stations throughout Uzbekistan.

    Due to an accident on the power grid that occurred on February 17 due to strong winds, gas filling compressor stations (CNG stations) were forced to stop their work. Damage to the L-Gazli-1 and L-Gazli-2 networks led to disruption of the operation of the Gazli gas Processing Plant.

    The department noted that the accident was successfully eliminated and the work was completed. The gas pressure in the network has been restored to normal values.

    The priority is to provide gas to the population and social facilities. Therefore, the restoration of gas filling stations will take place gradually, in accordance with coordination with local authorities on the basis of established plans and schedules.