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    Sale of Ambronol drug suspended in Uzbekistan

    Healthcare 5 January 2023 1145

    There were reports on social networks that the Minister of Health A. Inoyatov instructed to suspend the sale of all medicines of LLC "Quramax Medical" in our country.

    According to the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment, the medicines "Dok-1 Max" and "Ambronol" imported into the territory of Uzbekistan and in circulation are recognized as "not meeting the requirements of regulatory documents."

    In particular, it turned out that in some series of drugs there are substances propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol.

    In order to protect public health and as a precautionary measure, the sale of all drugs imported into the territory of our country by LLC "Quramax Medical" in 2022 has been discontinued.

    The press service of the Ministry of Health noted that at the moment, employees of primary health care institutions are actively conducting patronage work in all the houses attached to them, UZА reports.