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Лого Лого-пв-уз

    Art Museum’s unique works

    Culture & Arts 4 May 2020 2196

    The State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan is the first art museum in Central Asia. It has unique works of art from around the world.

    The museum was founded in 1918 as the Museum of the People’s University of Tashkent. Then it became the Central Museum of Art, and since 1924 – Tashkent Museum of Art. Since 1935, the museum has been called the State Museum of Art of Uzbekistan.
    The museum was created on the basis of a personal collection (portraits and historical paintings of Russian and foreign artists, graphics and sculptures, art furniture, porcelain) of Prince N. Romanov, who lived in Tashkent at that time.
    There are departments of Uzbekistan’s folk art, Russian, West European and Eastern art, as well as storage, workshop and photo laboratory.