Draft Constitutional Law: Marriage is based on free consent and equality of women and men

    In focus 18 July 2022 1035

    On July 14-16 of this year, events were organized in the Yangikhaet and Yunusabad districts of Tashkent with the participation of Senator G. Marufova, who works on a permanent basis in the Senate Committee of the Oliy Majlis on Women and Gender Equality.

    The events were attended by deputies of district Kengashes of people's deputies, chairmen of mahallas, women's activists, youth leaders, assistants of khokims of mahallas, as well as representatives of the public.

    During the meeting, the amendments and additions to the Constitution were considered in detail.

    It was noted that a significant part of the incoming proposals concerns such issues as dignity, honor and pride of a person above all, the organization of high-quality and qualified medical care, the development of education, strengthening social protection, ensuring decent working conditions.

    The Senator separately focused on article 63 of the Constitutional Law, according to which the family as the natural and basic unit of society, the basis for the preservation and reproduction of the population is under the special protection of society and the state.

    Marriage is based on the free consent and equality of women and men. The State creates the social and economic conditions necessary for the full development of the family.

    G. Marufova also paid attention to the laws approved at the 28th plenary session of the Senate, and other issues considered, appeals received by the Senate from citizens, issues of working with appeals, the information service of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan reports.