The longest cable-stayed bridge in North America connects the US and Canada

    According to the New Atlas portal, the construction of the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America is coming to an end after four years. It is noted that the Gordy Howe International Bridge, which provides an additional connection between the USA and Canada, will be 853 meters long after completion.

    As noted on the portal, the bridge named after the legendary Canadian hockey player of the "Detroit Red Wings" will be the 10th longest bridge in the world after its completion. It will also have the longest reinforced concrete composite deck in the world.

    In addition to the name, its shape also reminds of hockey. According to the information, the designers designed it in such a way that the bridge looks like a hockey stick that clamps the puck.

    Construction of the bridge is almost complete, but workers are still working on laying cables, paving, installing barriers, marking bicycle and pedestrian paths, and installing electrical wiring.

    The bridge is expected to be commissioned in 2025.