27 new articles are being introduced into the current Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan

    In focus 9 March 2023 1539

    On March 7, 2023, a joint meeting of the Committees of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis responsible for the preparation of the draft Constitutional Law was held - on combating corruption and judicial and legal issues, as well as on democratic institutions, non-governmental organizations and citizens' self-government bodies.

    It examines in detail the work carried out to improve the draft of the updated Constitution.

    It was stressed at the meeting that the updated Constitution will unite the whole society around the idea of building a developed state - a New Uzbekistan, the interests of all strata will be taken into account, and the general public, political parties, public organizations, representatives of expert and scientific circles, intellectuals actively participated in the development of the project.

    It was noted that during the national discussions more than 220 thousand proposals were received, every fourth proposal was included in the draft. In this sense, it is recognized that the updated Constitution literally becomes the People's Constitution.

    The draft Constitutional Law introduces 27 new articles into the current Constitution, the number of which thereby increases from 128 to 155, the current 275 constitutional norms have reached 434, that is, the current Constitution has been updated by 65%.

    At the meeting, each amendment to the Constitution was discussed in detail, and an exchange of views took place.

    In particular, based on the political and legal significance, scope and size of the amendments and additions, it was noted that there are all grounds for submitting the draft in a new edition, in connection with which the name of the draft constitutional law was changed to "On the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan".

    As noted at the meeting, the text of the draft Constitutional Law was comprehensively discussed and supported the day before at a meeting of the President of the country with deputies of the Legislative Chamber and members of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, the leadership of the Supreme Court.

    The updated Constitution will serve as an important legal basis for the comprehensive regulation of all aspects of the life of our society and the democratic development of our country. The new norms introduced in the draft Constitutional Law will contribute to the development of all areas, including a more effective organization of state power.

    As noted, about 20 percent of the proposals received from the population, that is, 18 thousand, are related to the reform of the parliament.

    Based on this, a number of norms have been introduced into the draft aimed at strengthening people's power, increasing the role, place and responsibility of the parliament, which is a people's representative body, further expanding its powers, strengthening parliamentarism and people's power in the country as a whole.

    The joint powers of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis in the implementation of Constitutional reforms related to parliamentary activities are considered.

    At the same time, the joint powers of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate are clearly defined, as well as the separate powers and responsibilities of each chamber. That is, the absolute powers of the Legislative Chamber increased from 5 to 12, and the Senate - from 14 to 18.

    Also, on the basis of advanced foreign experience, as a body representing territorial interests, our Basic Law strengthens such important powers of the Senate as facilitating the activities of local representative bodies.

    In addition, the joint powers of the Chambers of the Oliy Majlis are defined as the hearing of the annual National Report on combating Corruption. This will create a solid foundation for positive changes in the fight against corruption, ensuring effective cooperation of both chambers in this direction.

    As the deputies noted, the updated Constitution will serve the further development of society, full protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens.

    The meeting adopted a corresponding decision on the agenda item and the conclusion of the responsible committees in accordance with the Law "On the Referendum of the Republic of Uzbekistan".