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    Unified personnel accounting for state agencies is being introduced in Uzbekistan

    Digitalization 25 September 2023 2467

    Resolution No. 492 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 22.09.2023 "On measures to improve the human resource management system in republican and local executive authorities" was adopted.

    From November 1, 2023, in the republican and local executive authorities, all information and documentation related to human resource management will be generated and taken into account in the electronic platform "hrm.argos.uz ". This requirement will not apply to militarized structures and law enforcement agencies.

    At the same time, enterprises, organizations and institutions that are not included in the circle of republican and local executive authorities can use the platform in coordination with the Civil Service Development Agency.

    The platform will automatically send information to the following systems:

    • A unified national labor system - the structure of the state agency, labor agreements with employees, vacant places;
    • information system "edo.ijro.uz " - internal documents (orders, decisions, orders) for execution;
    • in "UzASBO" - the information necessary for the payment of salaries.

    To assess the KPIs of managers of various levels, the platform will be integrated with a single automated system "samaradorlik.uz "

    The document was published in the National Database of Legislation and entered into force on 09/23/2023, reports "Norma".