Hududgaztaminot reminded Uzbekistanis about observing safety rules ahead of the upcoming cold weather

    Safety&Sequrity 15 February 2024 2324

    Due to the upcoming decrease in air temperature, Hududgaztaminot JSC reminds consumers of the need to take precautions when using natural gas, not to leave heating appliances and gas stoves unattended when cooking, and also pay special attention to the ventilation system of combustion products.

    "We kindly ask citizens not to allow overnight stays in rooms without adequate ventilation, before turning on the light in the house, make sure there is no smell of gas, and if it is detected, ventilate the room and call the gas service at 104," the company said in a statement.

    Taking this opportunity, Hududgaztaminot JSC reminds that in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of natural gas, it is necessary to make a timely payment. Payments can be made through bank branches in district gas supply offices, in the banks themselves, as well as 24/7 via mobile applications of all payment systems.

    For reference: to resume the supply of natural gas, it is necessary to make a payment, and before turning on the meter, turn off all gas equipment in order to avoid blocking the meter. Pressing the blue "Enter" button three times allows you to resume the fuel supply. If the smart meter is blocked when it is turned on incorrectly, you need to call 1104. The operators of the Hududgaztaminot JSC Call Center will assist in its connection.