The press department of the National University will open in the editorial offices of the newspapers "Yangi Uzbekistan" and "Правда Востока"

    The decree of the Head of State dated June 27 of this year "On measures to support the media and the development of journalism" assigned certain tasks to higher educational institutions that train personnel in the field of journalism.

    In particular, this legal document notes the importance of ensuring the harmony of theory and practice by organizing appropriate specialized departments of universities in the editorial offices of the media, helping to form future specialists in the editorial environment.

    In order to ensure the fulfillment of the above-mentioned tasks, a cooperation agreement was signed between the editorial offices of the newspapers "Yangi Uzbekistan" and "Правда Востока" and the National University of Uzbekistan. The event was attended by the editor-in-chief S.M. Doniyorov, Rector of the University I. Majidov and others.

    — The newspapers "Yangi Uzbekistan" and "Правда Востока" play the role of a methodological source for our students studying in the relevant fields. After reading them and getting acquainted with the meanings, future journalists form a practical concept of the chosen specialty, — says the rector of the University I. Majidov. — The signing of an agreement between the editorial office and the university will be useful for both parties. For us, this will be reflected in the fact that students, having completed an internship in the editorial office, will strengthen their theoretical knowledge. And the editorial office will have the opportunity to expand the ranks of personnel at the expense of the best interns.

    According to the agreement, the press department of the Faculty of Journalism of the National University of Uzbekistan will be opened in the editorial office. A work plan will be developed for practical training. And experienced editors, designers will be invited to the learning process mainly for practical training. The necessary conditions are being created for students to become familiar with the process of preparing a newspaper for printing.

    Based on the acquired skills, interests and talents, future specialists will be assigned in the appropriate areas to editorial staff. Undoubtedly, a student who grew up in an editorial environment and acquired certain skills in the chosen specialty will easily delve into the work after graduation.